Breaking Into The Modeling Industry

The modeling and fashion industry is a world of glamour, grandeur and creative energy. A modelling career is highly sought after. As a model, you represent centuries of trends, some successes and some flops

Being a model not only requires skill in front of the camera, but a touch of luck in the gene pool. But if you’re truly interested in pursuing this as a career, you need to be aware of the requirements and scams out there.

The following tips (from someone who has been there!) may prove to be handy:

  1. In the modelling world youth is king. Most agencies seek women (or girls, as they are called in fashion parlance) between 14-21, with younger girls being more favored as they have a longer shelf life and hence, more earning power.
  2. You need to be tall, around 5’10’’ Being a model requires, being frank, thinness. But you don’t want to develop poor eating habits trying to maintain a certain weight and size. So if you are advised to lose weight by your modelling agency, employ the help of a trainer and nutritionist.
  3. Thin is in. Almost scarily so. Think between 115-120lbs on a 5’10″ frame.
  4. You need to invest in a solid book of photos representing you as a model. Find a reputable photographer. If you can’t afford one, try looking for a student photographer at an art school or college who is looking to build their own portfolio. Possibly you can work out a great deal with them.
  5. The next step from there is to submit these photos to your local reputable agencies. Most agencies have a way for you to submit digital photos via the internet. Some also have open call times when you can go in to talk to the agents for the “New Faces” department. Be prepared to sell yourself and show off your uniqueness. Do not be surprised if you have to put in a good deal of work to find an agency that is a good fit.
  6. Prepare yourself to accept criticism, and use it as a tool for improving your odds in this field. As you go through this journey, remember that rejection should not be taken personally – you may simply not have the characteristics that the agency is looking for right now.
  7. Avoid modelling agencies that offer to represent you for a fee.
  8. Avoid ads looking for models over the internet. True modelling agencies never place casting calls or go-sees over the internet. They are so inundated with requests from people looking to get into modelling that they have no need to ask for new faces. If you are looking for a legitimate opportunity with a modelling agency you must go to them.

This is your big moment to impress the agents. Dress in simple clothes, wear minimal makeup and leave the high heels at home. Most importantly, project confidence — don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through –and try to relax. Make a good impression, and you will get a call-back and hopefully signed.

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