Booty Call! A Look At The Most Popular Boot Styles

A moustache may be a man’s pride but it’s completely different on the other side. More than the trendy Gucci glasses and Maybelline lipstick, the boots down today matter more to the ladies. Women consider boots to be soul of their wardrobe. As a woman, if you want to prosper, you need to make sure that you have the correct pair of boots in your wardrobe and for that you might want to go to several stores before making the final pick.

Like women prosper in different styles, their boots share the same attribute.

Ankle Boot

Most widely worn fashion boots, these were intended only to be worn under trousers and pants. These are the only type of fashion boots that can be worn by both men and women.

These are the only ones to have remained popular without a break since the 18th century. After the 80′s designers put the bootie on the runway with skirts and dresses and everyone began wearing them with everything.

They vary in length from booties or shoe boots (effectively a shoe that skims the ankle) to boots that cover the lower part of the calf.

When sporting them with skirts and skinny jeans, it makes us look and feel a little punk and edgy.

  • To feel trendier when wearing with pants, keep the colors same.

Knee high boots

Regarded as most versatile types of fashion boots, out of all the boots out, these are the most practical and popular. Girls love it the most when they come just below the knee and look best when worn with skirts that are just above the knee.

They come in variety of colors and materials (leather, suede, fabric).  These can even be worn with leggings but by the end of the day, a boot that hits the leg just below the knee looks most stylish.

  • Black and tan colors are the best for boots, because they will go with everything in your wardrobe, so you don’t have to think twice.

Thigh high boots

Women consider thigh high boots as a great addition to their wardrobe. These are considered best for those adventurous nights when you want to jazz up with a mini dress.

On other days when you just would like to look stylish without investing much time exploring into your wardrobe, thigh high boots would suit you the best with an oversized sweater with black tights. And there you’ll make the statement!

At one point of time, the laced leather boots were fashionable throughout the Victorian era for women. By the end of the 19th century, over-the-knee length laced leather boots were becoming a trend among London prostitutes.

The materials for these boots range from vinyl to latex. These are considered to be very kinky and erotic.

  • These should be worn over skinny jeans or legging. With minimal make up and accessories along with these thigh high boots, you just can’t ask for more!

There are so many different kinds of boots to pick from – from flat to tall, suede, leather, patent and If you get the right pair of boots, they become the focus of your outfit and make even the simplest outfit look phenomenal.

So What’s your pick?

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