Animal Print Fashion 101

Animal print is a clothing and fashion style in which the garment is made to resemble the pattern of the skin and fur of an animal such as a leopard, cheetah, zebra, spotted hyena etc. Animal print is also used for handbags and footwear and even some jewelry.

Animal Print FashionAnimal prints have been a popular style for long for many reasons.

  • They are generally expensive and considered rather exotic. Hence they are a symbol of wealth and status.
  • Throughout history, kings have used animal print rugs and such as a sign of status just as mounted animals are kept as trophies.

Besides a distinctive natural animal pattern on clothing, animal prints may also refer to art prints of animals, printed on canvas or paper. The art prints may replicate the same skin or fur pattern found on the animal.

The prints are not limited to just the animal’s skin or fur pattern, but may be any part of the animal and still be called an animal print.

Seen by some as trashy, animal prints are actually one of the longest standing patterns in fashion, seen everywhere from lingerie to shoes to blankets and curtains. Animal print applications extend beyond clothing and art prints and are commonly used for other decorations, including rugs, wallpaper, or painted surfaces. In addition, animal prints may be used in designs for race cars, airplanes, signage, building exteriors etc.

Why do we love animal prints? What is the reason for the popularity of animal prints?

Animal print stays popular because it can be used so diversely in different styles. A mini dress that has an entirely leopard print can have the wild, fun and flirty look while a black mini dress with a leopard print trim or leopard print shoes add an edge to an otherwise classic outfit.

It is important to look classy when wearing anything with an animal print. If you’re going for a subtle touch of animal pattern on your clothing, limit yourself to only two appearances of the print. Shoes, belts, jewellery etc are all simple touches that can be added to an outfit.

If there is one rule to adhere to it is that you should take it easy when it comes to mixing prints. This can be considered a fashion faux pas, and it can look tacky if done incorrectly.bHowever mixing animal prints with each other can make the outfit frumpy, complicated and mismatched.

If you want the animal print to be the main focus of the outfit, then make everything else about the outfit simple. For example, for zebra print dress, choose classic back heels or white heels that won’t clash with the dress. For a leopard print corset, choose black or sheer stockings to avoid looking bulky.

Women like them because they make them feel cool, different and wild.  They use them to reflect their version of their own personality adding charm, romance and confidence.  Whatever the reason for wearing them, they are fun.

No matter what the occasion is, animal print is a classy, fun pattern that can be used in an outfit for a unique torch.

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