Look Hot on the Cheap: Part 2 – Shoes & Footwear

Next up on my “Look Hot on the Cheap” series is one of my favorite topics… Shoes!. As I am sure most women will agree, having a diverse selection of shoes is key to any woman’s wardrobe. You need to have the right footwear for every occasion and outfit, which can get pretty expensive if you’re not careful. I have a pretty big selection of shoes ranging from flats, mid-heels, sky high heels, boots, booties and sandals and I didn’t have to break the bank to build up my shoe collection over the years. One of my secrets is buying during sales (which I will get into later) and the other is shopping online. I’ve found that I can get some pretty nice looking and quality shoes from buying online and will share with you a couple of my favorite destinations.

The first site that I have absolutely fallen in love with over the last few months is JustFab. I linked to their profile on Crunchbase because they aren’t your standard eCommerce site and could use a little more explanation. They primarily sell womens shoes but over the last little while have expanded into other areas such as jewelry and even a nice line of denim jeans. They also carry a pretty big selection of handbags as well. In a nutshell, what makes them different is they have a team of stylists that actually pick out shoes for you each month based on your fashion tastes. You aren’t limited to these stylist selections though and can browse through a pretty huge selection of shoes, sandals and boots. But the great thing about JustFab is that all items on their site are only $39.95 and for that price, you can really build up a good shoe closet quickly. The quality of the shoes is very good for the price I might add, which makes them one of my favorite online places to shop for shoes.

My next favorite online retailer for shoes has got to be 6PM.com. Their womens shoe selection is pretty huge and covers a wide variety of styles and brands. I usually use these guys if I am looking for a specific brand or for more casual shoes (like sneakers or running shoes). I usually browse through their clearance section about once or twice a month and usually find at least one pair of shoes marked down around 50%-60% off that I decide to pick up. Definitely a great way to find some pretty good deals on some of the more popular brand name shoes out there.

Those are the two main online stores I use from time to time, but I do prefer to buy shoes in person as you can get a better feel for what you are buying and you can actually try the shoes on before you buy. Even though both JustFab and 6PM offer free exchanges, waiting for the exchange to come through can be a bit of a drag so I do prefer to buy in store if I can.

My #1 place to shop in person has to be Payless. I know I’m not reporting anything groundbreaking here, but they are well known for their shoes for a reason. Their prices simply cannot be beat and they always have a great selection of shoes. They routinely have pretty big sales as well which can yield even bigger savings. I’d say that around 40% of my entire shoe collection has been purchased here. Another good brick and mortar store I buy from frequently is actually Target. If you’re looking for a one hit wonder type of shoe that you might only wear once with a specific outfit, you might have some luck finding it here for super cheap.

So there you have it! Look for deals both online and in store and you should be able to amass a pretty big shoe collection in no time without having to spend a ton of cash!

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